6.11. Setting the reconcile status (R field) of a transaction

In the GnuCash register there is a column labeled R. This field indicates the status of a transaction. Possible values are:


No. This is the default status when a transaction is created.


Cleared. Status may be assigned either manually or by an import process. Indicates the transaction is included in the bank's record of the account transactions but has not yet been reconciled to a bank statement in GnuCash.


Yes, reconciled. This status is solely assigned by the reconciliation process (see Section 5.8, “Reconciling an Account to a Statement”). Places limits optionally requiring confirmation on editing fields in that line of a transaction.


Frozen. Not implemented at this time


Voided. Status is assigned or released manually through the transaction menu (Section, “Account Register - Transaction Menu”) to a transaction and applies to every line in the transaction. It hides most of the transaction details but does not delete them. When a transaction is voided a reason entry is required that appears to the right of the transaction notes. The notes and void reason will only be visible when you have enabled ViewDouble Line .