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oBackup DesignAPI: Backend
oBooks / Accounting PeriodsAPI: Book
oSome Thoughts about GnuCash BudgetingAPI: Budget
oBusiness OverviewAPI: Business
oFinancial Constraints in GnuCash
            Linas Vepstas <>
                    September 2003
oCurrency IssuesAPI: Commodities
oUseful tips for doxygen in C files
oStyle discussion
oDoxygen reference documentation
oEngine FrameworkAPI: GnuCash Engine: Core, Non-GUI Accounting Functions
oGnuCash Gnome2 architecture
oGeneric (Import) Druid Framework
        Derek Atkins <>
ognc_numeric Example
oGlobally Unique Identifiers: Design Issues
               Linas Vepstas November 2003
oHandling loan repayment in GnuCash::Scheduled Transactions
oLots Architecture & Implementation Overview
           Linas Vepstas <>
              Last Revised May 2004
oMulticurrency Discussion<cstim> goonie: well..
oPrice OverviewThe Prices and the Price DB overview is in src/doc/design/engine.texinfo
oPython bindingsAlso have a look at group Python Bindings Module
oQIF importer infrastructure.
        Derek Atkins <>
oSome notes about taxesFrom: Jon Kaare Hellan
oUser Preferences HOWTOWell, since I just explained this issue to Benoit on IRC, I thought I could just post it here
oEngine Architecture (old)API: Backend
oProposed GnuCash ExtensionsThe following are proposals for various, as-yet-unimplemented enhancements
oKVP Values used By GnuCash
                Date Last Revised: August 2003
oPython invoice exportThe goal of these example scripts is to export invoices to LaTeX or other output formats as desired
oTodo List
\Deprecated List