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Exports an invoice to lco-file for use with LaTeX. More...

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Data Structures

class  latex_invoices.Usage


def latex_invoices.get_all_lots
def latex_invoices.get_all_invoices_from_lots
def latex_invoices.invoice_to_lco
def latex_invoices.main

Detailed Description

Exports an invoice to lco-file for use with LaTeX.

Christoph Holtermann (c.holtermann (at)
May 2011 The output file can be imported into KOMA-Script-letters. This works primarily for germany. Internationalization welcome!

Additional files:

Usage :

1 latex_invoice file://testfile

will create file data.lco.

1 latex --output-format=pdf Invoice.tex

should run latex on file Invoice.tex and result in Invoice.pdf. Invoice.tex includes data.lco.

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